Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Goldman Sachs grave

Here is a illustration made and inspired by the great world we are living in now financially speaking and those who has played a major role in making that grave, I thought it was the appropriate time for this kind of evil picture:-)
Apart from the mockery it has been a very good learning experience of doing it all analog. I made it with pencils and graphite powder that i have spread out with a paint brush and rendered further with the pencils going from HB to 4B. I can really recommend the pure graphite powder i got from Sennelier and the paper from Daler/Rowney the heavyweight version.


  1. Awesome! What kind of brush do you use for the graphite powder, and do you have tips for creating large equal block-ins with graphite powder? I tried it some time ago, but it was hrd to get it even...

  2. Great work! I have to try sometimes with graphite powder! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi guys:-) thanks for the comments and let me try to explain what i do and use.

    The brush/brushes i use is first of a large soft round one from Daler/Rowney that gives the initial even soft spread (not precise). Then for the details and the way i get it more precise is with a smaller nr 4 square stiffer brush which makes it posible to apply more pressure and therefor more darkness+precision. How i block out larger areas even, I start out for example with the overlay block on the left, filling it out with the large brush and I even go over the lines to get i even to the edge. Then i take my kneetgummi and erase precisly to the edge of the block. Then i take the smaller brush and continue to darken it in within the limits of the edge. From there on you have to use pencils if you want it even darker.

    Another thing is if you use the graphite powder from derwent then it is almost impossible to get it even and with out spots. It is really a bad brand for that. When i tryed it, it just became dark so fast and it maked spots etc. But the powder I got a hold of from Sennelier, it never makes spots and is so easy to spread out evenly, you can continuously mold it while you have the extra powder laying on the paper. Last things is that when you do graphite powder then you should be really careful not to touch the paper and leave fingerprints, it really shows up clearly and it ruins the even surface.

    I look forward to see/hear if it was helpfull for you guys.

    take care:-)

    best N

  4. Hi Niklas,

    Thank you veeeeery much! very useful indeed! Can I post it on my tutorial blog (of course with your credits)?

  5. hi Wouter:-) of course that would be an honor to have my stuff there.

    go ahead and do you need the scan of the line drawing i did before i applied the graphite powder? It might be interesting for the tutorial and don't hesitate to correct my writing:-) it is proberly not all correct..

    best Niklas