Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Plein air sketches 10 arr. Paris


  1. p.s, send me that pencil and texture!!!!

  2. Thanks guys!!! really appreciate your kind words.

  3. Niklas, fabulous work. Would love to see your process. How long did this take you? Was it all on location?

  4. thanks Greg.

    the images are made on location in Paris, canal saint martin. they take about 1-2 hour per piece depending on the level of details.

    I can describe my materials and process. it is quite simple.

    a4 Clairfontaine ivory paper "pollen"
    Faber castle polychromos black pencil
    Faber castle polychromos medium grey pencil

    First i take the medium grey pencil and sketch out the proportions and many of the details.
    The reason i am using inkjet paper is that with faber castle pencil it sticks very good to the paper and gives a great resistance without being unsharp+the fabercastle is smudge proof.

    When you have the sketch well outlined in the light grey, go over to the black pencil and make the final line.

    Last make sure to make accents like small cast shadows in key places (iunder the bridge), that is as black as the line and then you can make stroke shadows like the clouds etc.. but be careful not to go over the whole drawing with line stroke, that will make it to heavy.

    i hope it is something you can use and thanks again for the comment

  5. Wow, thank you so much Niklas! I really admire your sketches and the process explanation is so helpful.