Monday, March 14, 2011

Last feature I worked on:-)


  1. Hey Man!!!

    This trailer is great,I guess that the team you've led was amazing ;-) I like your new blog. Hope to see you on another production.Bye!!!

  2. Hi Nima:-) you guys is great I think we had a great team on this film and big one also, I will see you for the premiere right? Next friday.. Well I will for sure recommend you for any new project if I get the news first and it is great to see your new digital stuff:-)

    See you soon i guess.

  3. hi Bille,
    love the new site,Titeuf looks like a million bucks!

  4. Hi Jean... thanks man.. I also think that Titeuf turned out really great looking... and I am really looking forward to see the large sequences and all the pan shots... I am going to learn a lot by the choices I made with Vincent (director of layout) when I see it in the cinema.. it gives all the answers.. :-) Sorry that she didnt replay ill try writing her.. N

  5. actually she did,on wednesday! oh well,i couldn't make it is coming here for a Easter holiday(black forest)in a couple of weeks.
    how did the movie go over...a hit?
    hope so,i sweated over those manu glasses and titeuf noses! (ha ha)

  6. Yearh... I wrote her to respond to your email.. it was too bad you couldn't come an see all the hard work you put into it... it turned out great and there where a lot nice sequences with cool camera's specially the train sequence.
    Ps. thanks for the comment on the hair monsters. I am really enjoying that look..