Saturday, July 16, 2011

Parc des Buttes Chaumont 19th.arr. plein air

Here is the sketches from the last 2 weeks more or less if I remember correctly.. i had a good day out in the park yesterday, doing most of these sketches. That day I also acquired my self a folding stool, since I am getting a bit more into this sketching thing, it is really something my back appreciates.
It is a really great for me coming back into this sketching thing, which I haven't been doing much or since drawing class many years ago..:-) and gives some quick personal drawings in between all the productions drawings i do at the moment for an Israeli company named Animationlab. 
They are a really kind bunch of animations people that has given me a really interesting design job for their first feature and if I am not wrong the first Israeli animated feature film.. can't say more but one day ill post some of the drawings when we are done with the film... until then you must do with my sketches and there are more in the bag to be released soon:-)


  1. great stuff nik, believe i witnessed you starting some of these. cool to see. ray

  2. hi ray:-) this is true it was the time we had the picnic in the parc...and went down to canal saint martin after.. it was a great time.. how are you these days?

    Greg pro: thanks greg!!

  3. Very nice drawings! i really like the first one.