Sunday, July 28, 2013

Personal Project WIP

Hi guys:-)

here is a little teaser for a new personal project I am in development with together with my friend Rodrigo C who is a talented script writer.

We are at the current moment developing the characters and the world of the Aliens that is in the film. They are some quite funny guys and sweet.. or most of them:-)

The first image is ark of small character sketches done on the good alien guys and the gif image is a rough 3D clay sculpt I made in blender.  I can really recommend blender (not only because it is free) for its simplicity but also for being a very capable 3D program that for an artistic person was much easier to get into.


  1. Hey Niklas,

    Looks cool. If you want, I can do a mesh if you supply a front and side view, so i can get proportions right. I'll make it in blender, and i'll give you the blend file :-D

    Baptiste, the guy that brought the Mac ;-)

    1. Hi Baptiste:-)

      thanks man and I remember you.. I hope you had some good days in Paris and you saw a lot of nice stuff.
      For the models I can give you the blender sculpt file i used to make those guys if you want a fully functional model with the right topology? My sculpts are just for the visuel design and to explore the shapes.

      The other ones I only have the inspirational view of them..

      let me know if that was what you had in mind..