Saturday, January 28, 2012

"The two of us" Visual Development

Here we have most of the stuff, I have been working on lately for  my dear friend Christian Kuntz's project "the two of us", which is a short film about a cute little creature that lives on a little piece of planet, that is floating out in space under the big space highway where people throw out all their food trash like half eaten burgers and soft drinks which he catches in his fishing net.
But he is all alone and not aware how much he is missing a friend until one day a creature much like a dog appears on the planet, and then the good life and the troubles of relationship begin, and he must make a choice between the material world of beautiful trash collected from the highway and his new friend.

Enjoy the post and if you are more interested in what Christian does, you can visit his blog here 

The work is done in varies materials most are big ball point pen doodles i have gone over in photoshop and the blue is varies colors of col-erase pen's.

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